Multimedia Video Phone


The HG-7000 connects the LAN and the GSM network and enables you to send and receive SMS messages.


  • Sending of SMS messages directly through the cellular network

  • Receiving SMS messages directly through the cellular network (at no cost)

  • Bulk SMS messaging with no third-party involvement. Customer database and message content are not shared.

  • Master-Slave topology with multiple devices (optional)

  • Scalable: from 8 to 32 simultaneous ports

  • Multiple software interfaces: custom API, HTTP-based, SMPP(optional)

  • Advanced resource mapping algorithm allows various allocation scenarios of unique phone numbers to specific clients

  • SMS campaigner application available

  • SMS-to-email and email-to-SMS conversion capabilities

  • Optional USSD add-on handles multiple transactions with the cellular carrier

  • Easy, browser-based configuration and management