Hypermedia PRI-GSM Gateway

HG-3000-3u Series

Hypermedia E1/T1 GSM gateway is a modular ISDN PRI GSM Gateway ranging from 4 up to 32 GSM channels, developed for interconnecting a wide selection of signaling protocols including ISDN E1/1, CAS/R2* to the GSM cellular networks, to significantly reduce the cost of organizational telephone calls. Also available in Least Cost Routing mode.


  • Direct PBX to GSM connection for Voice calls

  • Compatible with all ISDN PBX/PABXs

  • Maximize the VPN’s low GSM rates / Closed User Group tariffs

  • Fast return on investment (ROI)

  • Maintain existing dialing habits and business communication patterns

  • Scalable – from 4 to 30 simultaneous calls (3U / 6U chassis)

  • In-line connectivity (3-leg topology) option – between the PBX and the PSTN

  • Advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) functionality

  • Remote web-based management and control

  • 24 months warranty