System Integrators and Resellers

Every enterprise demands for the Best solutions. We provide such solutions to improve our partners and clients business. We are one of the leading service providers of System Integration Solutions in the VoIP market. During the integration of systems, our dedicated project manager has the full responsibility of solution control and schedule, arrangement of required skilled manpower, designing, timelines, etc. On completion of project we provide full network maps of actual integration in document. After the customer is satisfied and approves the document, we get them to sign on project completion certificates and hand over the project to client with our best technical support.
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Enterprise Solutions

We understand the business and IT issues those enterprise organizations face today that concerns about enterprise network security and access control, as well as specific networking challenges affecting the campus, branch and data center. And we solve the enterprise network solutions to address these networking issues.

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions must balance often-competing needs for security and accessibility. We provide surveillance solutions and IP Telephony solutions for the Educational Institutions. Surveillance access across the globe is possible through our solutions. We offer a variety of IP phones and IP cameras that are easy-to-use, keep schools and campuses connected, and can work together to add an extra layer of security and also UCM series of IP PBXs, offer schools a secure and reliable voice, video, data and mobility solution.

Take your classes to the next level with video and web conferencing. Hold joint classes, bring in guest speakers, hold meetings and allow students to attend through the web - all through video. Also we provide protecting solutions to school, college, institutes or campus all day and night with our IP surveillance solutions – which can send out alerts when events occur.
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Hospitality / Residential

We provide small business IP phones to hotels and apartments to deliver a more enhanced communication model for hospitality market. Maintaining an effective communication for hotel guests as well as hotel administrators is as important as it is for any other large or small business community. Our Enterprise IP phones are great for Administrative offices as they allow users to handle high call volume with features such as up to 6-line support and BLF/speed dial keys while easily transferring calls to other users. Our IP Video Phones for Android add video calling for those who may need it.

Providing UCM series of IP PBXs to hotels and apartment complexes to build a phone system that offers a separate number for each room/apartment and can handle a large amount of callers. Build a voice, video data and mobility network that incorporate call recordings, CDR, IVRs, auto-attendants, call queues, customizable call routing, paging and multi-language prompts.

Grandstream IP surveillance solutions keep any hotel or apartment safe and secure in day and night all time. Grandstream security solutions can not only record and monitor video feeds but can also alert users when a security event occurs to keep everyone safe. Those with video phones can call cameras directly at any time to see the live video feed. We offers you facility Access to the hospitality and residential. Our IP cameras and/or IP Video Phone for Android can be integrated with SIP door openers or third party IP Door cameras to create a facility access solution that controls and restricts building access.
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Call Centre Solutions

We specialize in call centre solutions by continually finding new and the best ways to help our customers making profitable connections with their customers. We are equipped with recent technologies in VoIP that provides the call centre clients to fulfill their requirements.
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Internet Service Provider

We offer customized solutions to ISPs so they can inwardly offer their end users a feature-rich broadband telephony service. ISPs only need to keep managing the connectivity to end users. We also manage equipment specifications, configuration, up-gradation and monitoring of VoIP services and acts like catalyst for ISPs to achieve quick growth without having to invest in additional manpower, maintenance or research.
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Health Care

Whether managing a large urban hospital or a small rural facility, video conferencing has successfully addressed a handle of educational, managerial, and patient challenges. High definition video conferencing systems can allow doctors to connect with patients and other parts of the medical staff instantly and easily.
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Importance of Video Conference

-> Video Conferencing Saves Money and time
-> Video Conferencing Improves Education
-> Video Conferencing Improves Communication Level
-> Video Conferencing Improves Quality of Care
-> Video Conferencing Improves Competitive Advantage
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