Digifort Explorer is a starter version of Digifort IP video surveillance software. This version can support up to 16 cameras and 4 client stations. It is suitable for homes and small businesses (SOHO), where for a relatively low cost the customer gets professional, efficient, and highly reliable IP CCTV system.

These are generally used in small condominiums, offices, residences, small shops and small businesses in general. A reliable solution with essential features, having as main characteristics the recording and monitoring of images of IP and / or analog cameras connected through DVRs, NVRs or Video Encoders.


• client/server architecture
• support for up to 16 cameras (1400 models from 90 manufacturers)
• support for up to 4 client stations
• unlimited image resolutions
• frame rates up to 30 fps (each camera, including recording)
• video compressions: MPEG-4, MJPEG, Wavelet, H.263, H.264
• operating systems: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7
• support for PTZ cameras
• privacy masking
• recording triggered by motion detection
• pre- and post-alarm buffers
• digital certificate (watermark)
• synchronous playback
• timeline-based searching across recordings
• support for two monitors at each station
• digital zoom
• group configuration of cameras
• visualization of server status
• disk space calculator
• implemented web server