Digifort Standard is an economical version of Digifort IP video surveillance software, however in comparison with Digifort Explorer it provides more advanced PTZ functions. It can also support more cameras (up to 32) and client stations (8). This version is suitable for homes and small businesses (SOHO), where for a relatively low cost the customer gets professional, efficient, and highly reliable IP CCTV system. With this edition, you can control your PTZ cameras through the mouse effortlessly.


[the specific features of Standard version (not available in lower versions) are boldfaced]

• client/server architecture
• support for up to 32 cameras (1400 models from 90 manufacturers)
• support for up to 8 client workstations
• unlimited image resolutions
• frame rates up to 30 fps (each camera, including recording)
• video compressions: MPEG-4, MJPEG, Wavelet, H.263, H.264
• operating systems: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7
• cooperation with:
o LPR module – K3020 (license plate recognition)
o VCA module – K3040 (advanced image analysis)
o K3081 – console
o BioPass – K3084 (Digifort biometric identifier)
o support for one K3010 I/O board
• digital zoom during playback from two cameras
• pop-up windows with images from cameras, triggered by events
• sound alarms
• recording on client workstations
• scheduled recording
• patrolling
• 16 presets
• recording triggered by events
• image printing during video playback (with event description)
• support for PTZ cameras
• privacy zones
• recording triggered by motion detection
• pre- and post-alarm buffers
• watermark
• simultaneous and synchronized playback of video recorded from multiple cameras
• search for archival materials using timeline
• support for two monitors at each workstation
• digital zoom
• group configuration of cameras
• graphical view of server status
• disc space calculator
• implemented web server