A standard-but-powerful High-End IP phone that gives unprecedented flexibility and call control to a desktop. The GXP2130 v2 gives users the ability to easily monitor and control medium to high incoming call volume while providing an intuitive user experience.


GXP2130 is the perfect selection for a user who wants a flexible and powerful High-End IP phone to handle medium to high call volumes. Equipped with dual color LCD BLF/speed-dial and line keys, a 2.8” color LCD screen and its 4 XML programmable soft keys, this device delivers a quality call experience for the user. The GXP2130 v2 allows fluid call control with 3 lines/SIP accounts.


• Supports 3 lines, 3 SIP accounts and 4-way voice conferencing
• 2.8-inch (320×240) color-screen LCD
• Dual Gigabit ports, integrated PoE
• 8 dual-colored BLF/speed-dial keys
• HD audio on speakerphone and handset
• Integrated Bluetooth
• 4 programmable context-sensitive soft keys