Communicate effectively with clients, crew/team members and mobile employees. Deliver accurate information in a timely manner by sending text messages to multiple users directly via the mobile/cellular networks. This, in turn, increases productivity and efficiency and reduces operating costs.


• From 12 to 32 cellular ports
• Up to 288 SIM Cards
• 3G, GSM and CDMA networks
• Advanced LCR & Routing Groups
• IP address & DDI pattern restrictions
• USSD pre-paid SIM cards Top-Up support
• GSM worldwide use (850/1900 or 900/1800)
• Integrated antennas combiner
• WEB management and control
• Embedded VoIP- no need for any external VoIP GW (Cisco, Qunintum and others)
• High quality of voice
• Inbound and Outbound calls
• Redundant power supply – Ready
• Fast and easy installation